Karma Credits

What are Karma Credits?

We do not offer coupons or spend any money on advertising, but instead ask that you bring in items for our local charities and we will give you a Karma Credit.  For example, in June and July 2008 we gave one Karma Credit for every item donated (travel soap, shampoo, canned food, etc.) up to ten dollars per visit.  This was deducted from the cost of the treatment and all items were donated to A Place to Turn, the local emergency pantry.   The staff from A Place to Turn came and had a morning of spa treatments on us.  Each month we will partner with a rotating group of local charities.  If your non-profit group would like to be considered, please send an email to littlestspa@gmail.com. In the past 5 years we donated more than $13,500 in gift certificates and items.  Please nothing opened or partially used.  Thank you.